Hayabuza & Sora to Video 3

Do you know how long it has been since Spitz released their last new album? I remembered clearly that they released "Fake Fur" when I was studying in Hiroshima. After that, they released "Ka Chou Fu Getsu" and the best album. None of them were "new" albums. After I went back to Canada to finish my last two year study, got a job in Japan and finally settled down in Okayama, their totally new album "Hayabuza" was released. My comment is: Mecha Mecha Osoi yooooooooooo!!!!

Anyway, it is great that they finally released a new album. In my opinion, to some extent, they are still remaining their unique style, although we can see that they are doing experiments as well now.  I personally believe Spitz is a band that its music would never disappoint their fans.

Another great news is that "Sora to Video 3" was finally released as well. Seriously, it is a very very interesting video. I said that not simply because this is a Spitz video, but this video is really very interesting. I enjoy watching it very much. MTVs such as "Ai no shirushi" and "Unme no hito" are very funny, and, as I said before, MTVs do have a great impact on creating Spitz imaginary world. In MTVs, they never try to look cool. Their MTVs are not simply a form of entertainment or promotion but a tool to help viewers understand their music and their world.

I strongly recommend "Sora to Video 2 & 3".